Decentralized blockchain based
business platform in real-life

Berith Platform is a comprehensive business platform using blockchain.
It is a global business platform that provides membership
economy driven business and uses cryptocurrencies.

*Berith opened Blockchain main net and Berith wallet service on 7th of March in 2018.

Technologically ProvedBerith Project

First we have developed a successful block chain platofrm called Main-net prior tobICO
and using that technology we are enabling ICO participation using Berith platform

  • Berith image visual
    Block Chain Main-net Open

    After launching Block Chain Main-Net project, we had a Pre-Sale on 7th March and within one hour 6000ETH were sold

  • Berith smart wallet image
    Berith Smart Wallet Open

    Multi-Wallet for various cryptocurrencies
    KYC authentication and ICO launching / participation

  • Special Airdrop Event
    Special Airdrop Event

    Welcome to Berith co in airdrop Program.4/02 ~ 4/17, $350,000 value

  • Berith, a business platform
    that is easy and fast

    • Berith platform is a business platform that can reach customers without geographical boundaries. You can easily apply blockchain in your business without understanding the technology.
    • It is possible to perform real-life businesses with this evolutionary blockchain platform and its membership economy. Also, it supports day-to-day operations for your business from marketing and CRM to making purchases and rewarding customers with cryptocurrencies.

Coin Sale

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  • Hours
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  • Seconds
  • Current Distribution


  • Token Supply


  • Pre Sale 2018.03.26 ~ 03.30


    Pre-sale Total collection amount274300 EOS, 2587 ETH
  • Crowd Sale 2018.04.11 ~ 04.27

    1ETH 28,000 BRT

    1EOS 402 BRT (The quantity of Berith coin would be adjusted
    according to the price ratio comparing to ETH once a day.)



New value added to your business by blockchain and cryptocurrency

Berith platform provides BaaS (block chain as a Service) to be consisted of independent services.

베리드 Smart Pay / Membership / Smart Wallet / Marketing 구조
  • Integrated membership service for membership economyBerith Membership
  • Convenient handling of
    Berith Smart Wallet
  • Cryptocurrencies in
    real-life use
    Berith Smart Pay
  • Ultimate choice for
    the private service provider
    Berith Blockchain as a Service

A comprehensive business platformthat add more values to your business

Berith platform is not just a membership service but a comprehensive business platform that is decentralized and builds membership economy. It provides more services than ever by supporting the business platform components and Dapp for almost all business sectors.

  • Berith Smart Wallet

    Provides convenience by analyzing usage patterns
    to create user experience and strengthens the security and authentication stability

    Multi-Wallet for various cryptocurrencies

    Berith Samrt Wallet is a multi-wallet for various type of cryptocurrencies.

    You can manage Berith Coin, BitCoin, Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens.

    Simple authentication and account recovery

    It strengthens the security with private key and ID/PW combined and enables to recover the wallets through options to save the private key into the server or the application in case you lose the key.

    KYC authentication and ICO launching/participation

    Moreover, you can provide services for your investors and customers.
    It provides certified ICO lists and details for users to participate the ICO of their taste or launch ICO of their own.

  • Pay 이미지
  • Decentralized digital currencies
    come in real-life
    Berith Smart Pay

    Provides Smart Pay services with digital currencies and
    on-and-offline payment system with a combination of cryptocurrency and fintech in daily life.

    Simple and convenient payment system

    Berith Smart pay provides user-centered payment system.
    For users who are familiar with mobile payment system, it is designed
    with the optimized to mobile user interfaces to create user experience
    and uses barcodes.

    • Many
    • Unmanned
    • Sales
      trend analysis
    • Business

Experts groupfull of experiences and knowhows

Project group structured with business and technology, performance and progress after the 1st ICO

  • 2017.08.10

    Berith Platform ICO launch

  • 2017.09.06

    MOU with KOFSIA

    MOU with Kyeryong-si Food Service Association

  • 2017.09.06

    ICO/ Presale
    (2nd ICO in Korea)

  • 2017.09.27

    1st ICO/ Presale Ends

  • 2017.11.05

    Formation of Berith Platform Business Advisory Group

  • 2017.12.10

    Developed N Card blockchain authentication module

  • 2017.12.15

    POS cryptocurrency payment module

  • 2018.03.02

    KOBACO Announced the best TV Commercial production

비지니스와 기술개발을 설명하는 원형도형
Technology Development
  • 2017.09.10

    Berith Platform analysis development

  • 2017.09.30

    Company Nonghyup Financial Group CRM Consulting

  • 2017.11.01

    a comprehensive smart wallet for multi-cryptocurrency

  • 2017.12.01

    Formation of Berith Platform Business Advisory Group

  • 2017.12.10

    cryptocurrency payment system module development

  • 2018.01.25

    Blockchain Platform Testnet Open

    Berith Wallet Beta Open

  • 2018.03.07

    Blockchain Platform Mainnet Open

    Berith Wallet Open

Intellectual Property Acquisition Status

Berith Business Platform developed various technologies and applied related patents for the development of services that can be used easily in real-life.

Patent Summary Reg. no.
Unmanned service to cut costs for service industry Provides unmanned service with Wallet and Pay systems
in a platform that runs based on membership
Tools and methods to provide a comprehensive wallet for multi-cryptocurrencies and enhanced security Wallet supporting its own KYC authentication, multi-cryptocurrencies, transactions among different tokens, block and notice on simultaneous logging in. 10-2018-0009259
Tools and methods to provide hybrid blockchain platform supporting public and private Smart Contract supporting public and private blockchains 10-2018-0009265

Vision Berith, an evolutionary business platform

Berith is not a membership service.
It is a comprehensive business platformthat provides decentralized membership
economy driven business environment and services.

Berith Project Master Plan

Berith Coin Offering Summary

Total of 10 Billion Berith Coins have been issued. 50% of which was from PoS mining, 30% to pay loyalty when used.

20%, that is 2 billion coins, were initially offered and among them, 292,587,390 were sold during the 1st ICO presale,
200 million reserved for the 2nd ICO, 707,412,610 for crowd sale, 200 million for each of investors, development, marketing, and bounty.


Berith Team

  • CEO Suwoong Lim

    Suwoong Lim

    Chief Executive Officer

    Suwoong Lim has managed IT companies and led the development of technologies for 27 years. He graduated from Korean University majoring in electronic engineering and served as a CEO in various IT companies. At present, he is the CEO of Ibizsoftware and lead the company with the technology centered business strategy.

  • Junghyuk Kim

    Junghyuk Kim

    Vice President

    Junghyuk Kim is a member of the self-regulatory committee of the Korea Blockchain Association and a member of the self-regulatory committee. He is also an adviser to the international fintech company HanPass and EBS of Japan, and has served as an adviser to Daily Securities Financial Security Columnist and ANNST Korea. Also served as the head of the e-banking team at the Bank of Korea.

  • Taekkyun Kim

    Chief Technical Officer

    Taekkyun Kim established a professional framework company and created various platforms related to web, mobile and big data. He has also participated in the first ‘electronic government framework development’ and won numerous software competition awards. He performs as chief technical architect.

  • Sangjun Lee

    Sangjun Lee

    Business Architect Management

    Sangjun Lee is an expert of membership business. He has performed in various works such as membership related policies, establishment of marketing system. He also completed ‘Hana members project’ which is the first membership service in financial groups and led the development of Shinhan FAN club. He has know-how about consulting and development experience in overseas membership projects like CGV in China.

  • Hyungyoon Lee

    Development Manager

    Hyungyoon Lee is a developer who designs an cryptocurrency based platform that can purchase goods easily in real life. With his experience in developing FinTech solutions and understanding and experience of on-and-offline market. He is interested in developing business, organizing and defining processes, expressing them as systems and making efforts to create satisfactory services for users.

  • Sangyoon Kim

    Sangyoon Kim

    Technical Architect

    As a technical architect of the Berith team, he supports technical part of the project with his diverse IT service developing experience and knowhows across several different industries. He designs the system architecture and develops core components of Berith blockchain platform.

  • Minseok Choi

    Service Architect Manager

    Minseok Choi is the general manager of Berith Membership Service and has experience in operating major digital membership services such as SKT and Starbucks. He is preparing to create a new service model by appropriately combining the membership services used in various places in life with cryptocurrencies.

  • Dongmin Cha

    Dongmin Cha

    Blockchain Business Consultant

    He is majoring in blockchain at Sogang University and planning and consulting various businesses including marketing. As a specialist in the broker-free business model utilizing smart contracts. He is currently designing Berith's business model with blockchain.

  • Gyeonghun Choi

    Gyeonghun Choi

    System Engineer
  • Yongseon Kim

    Yongseon Kim

    System Engineer
  • Sangyeol Kim

    Sangyeol Kim

    Blockchain Developer
  • Usman

    Blockchain Developer
  • Gwangho Baek

    Gwangho Baek

    Frontend Developer
  • Wonguk Seo

    Wonguk Seo

    Frontend Developer
  • Seongjun Hong

    Seongjun Hong

    Mobile Application Developer
  • Huijun Shin

    Huijun Shin

    BigData Analysis
  • Uitaek Hong

    Uitaek Hong

    Backoffice Developer
  • Ilhoon Park

    Ilhoon Park



  • 박수용 사진

    Sooyong Park

    Business Development Management

    Sooyong Park is one of the blockchain experts in Korea. He has been a director of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and is conducting research using blockchain technology. Currently, he established Korea’s first blockchain department as a director of Intelligent Blockchain Research Center at Sogang University.

  • Hoyeol Jung

    Hoyeol Jung

    Platform Architect

    Hoyeol Jung is a platform and security expert and has worked as developer since ‘Standard framework session 1’. He won the software competition in ‘Foundation commemorative competition’ and ‘Super developer K competition’. He is also a director of ‘Open platform developers’ community’ and architect of framework in a number of large companies.

  • Jounsu Kwon

    Jounsu Kwon

    Business Development Management

    Jounsu Kwon is an expert in membership platform development. He has developed membership business in a broad range of fields such as distribution and finance. Main companies were OK Cashback and Shinhan FAN club. He would develop the business frame in the Berith project with the know-how about law, policies and large membership consulting.

  • 최남규 사진

    Namkyu Choi

    Business Development Management

    Namkyu Choi is co-founder of the blockchain developer community where members study various technologies using blockchain. He is also a co-organizer of the blockchain seminar with ISAAC-KASIT. He has been developing software for more than 20 years. He is an expert in finance and has a lot of consulting experience related to the introduction of blockchain technology in financial sector.


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